Monday, June 8, 2009

Bloomberg ESG Product Description



Bloomberg launches a new product focusing on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) information on public companies. The ESG function has four templates dedicated only to Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance data. It provides a wide range of numerical and qualitative data ranging from Emissions & Energy Consumption to Human Rights Policies and Size of the Board of Directors. The first template on ESG is the summary of the other three templates which display information on:



ISO 14001 Certified Sites

Energy Efficiency Policy

Emissions Reduction Initiatives

Environmental Supply Chain Management

Green Building Policy

Waste Reduction Policy

Sustainable Packaging

Environmental Quality Management Policy

Climate Change Policy

New Products - Climate Change



Number of Employees

% Employees Unionized

Fatalities - Employees

Fatalities - Total

Community Spending

# Awards Received

Health and Safety Policy

Training Policy

Equal Opportunity Policy

Human Rights Policy



Size of the Board

Independent Directors

% Independent Directors

# Board Meetings

Board Meeting Attendance

Business Ethics Policy

Fair Remuneration Policy

GRI Criteria Compliance

Verification Type



Other related functions are:


  • Storage, display and searching of key company filings including Annual Report and Accounts, Corporate Responsibility Reports, GRI Reports, and ESG Releases. (function: CF + Advanced Search; Form type = 33) Corporate Responsibility, 41) GRI Report or 42) ESG Releases).


  • Compare peers based on a variety of ESG Factors ranging from Emissions, to Diversity Policies and Governance metrics in combination with financial ratios (function: RV).


  • Bloomberg News (serviced by 135 Bureaus worldwide) supplemented by a huge number of news wires and RSS wires consistently tagged to topic, country, etc. Obtain ESG related content on NI SOCINEST gathered by scanning over 30, 000 news sources available on the Bloomberg terminal.


  • News Monitors: Monitor incoming news linked to specific security or list of securities, sector, region, topic, etc (function: NI SOCINVEST, NI ENV, NI CORPGOV, TNI, TCNI, CN, and BLP).


  • News Search: Sophisticated search engine for retrieving news by combination of date, source, company, person, region, sector, topic, keyword, etc (function: NSE).


  • News Alerts: Be alerted to incoming news on specific security, sector, region, topic, etc (function: NLRT).


  • Dedicated Top Environmental News Panel


Bloomberg News puts environmental concerns into context on a dedicated news panel- a one stop for all green news that might affect the bottom line for companies all around the world. Type GREEN to see how environmental news will affect your portfolio.

The panel combines articles, audio/video strictly dedicated to Environmental topics broken down into categories ranging from C02 Markets, Global Emissions, Energy, Law, etc.


  • Independent Research providers
    • The Climate Group (function: TCGC and ERH TCG).
    • Trucost [function: TRUC and ERH TCT]


  • Environmental Indices (function: ENID)


  • Alternative Energy Monitor (function: ALTM)


  • Sustainability Index page (function: SEI)


  • Comprehensive Energy Markets coverage including News, Prices, Statistics, Research and Analytics on Oil, Petrochemicals, Gas, Power, Coal and Emissions/Alternative Energy. (function: NRG, EMIT, EMIS, RENE)


  • Energy assets and emissions data (function: NRGA)


  • Carbon emissions data for a selected company. Data is provided by The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). N.B. A list of 70 new ESG fields will be incorporated into screening and scoring by the end of the year (function: CED)


  • Carbon emissions and allocation data for the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), (function: GETS)